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A Closer Look at Commercial Print and Direct Mail Services

In most cases, businesses are using their advertising resources on Internet and mass media marketing solutions. Despite the fact that these are both effective ways to reach potential customers, neither of these are as time tested and cost effective as direct mail marketing. In the the fast paced world of Internet marketing and TV commercials, today’s customers seem more receptive than ever to the old fashioned charm of direct mail and commercial print ads.

The truth is that, now, in the digital age, it seems somewhat unexpected and novel to have an ad printed and sent to your home through the mail. In fact, sending actual printed ads offers us a way to reach out to our customers in a very real way. Direct mail marketing is so effective because it not only gets a message to the customer using email or text message, it actually places an invitation for that customer to meet you at your store or business location in a very real way that customers rarely ignore. Studies show that when you place an EDDM postcard, flyer, or print ad into your customer’s hand, a good percentage of them will return to your store location with it within a few days.

Beyond the novelty and charm of direct mail marketing, there are several others benefits that you will find when you use it. The fact is that direct mail marketing is simply the most well targeted form of marketing that we have. When you use mass media and Internet marketing, the results are hit and miss. In mass media and Internet advertising, you are aiming to reach huge numbers of potential clients and would-be customers, but there is actually no way to predict how many people are going to watch the commercial all the way through, pay attention to your radio ad, or open your email ad. When you use direct mail, though, anyone who reaches into their mailbox will have your flyer, EDDM postcard, or print offers in their hands, usually long enough to read them.

The best way to use direct mail marketing is to make new product announcements, advertise special sales, or to distribute special offers in the form of coupons and flyers. Today, commercial print companies are offering direct mail and EDDM (every door direct mail) services in addition to commercial printing services at an overall savings to companies that take advantage of bundling them together.

To learn more about the benefits of direct mail marketing services, all you have to do is take a moment to visit the website of commercial printer that also offers direct mail marketing services. If your business is located in Texas, the best way to begin is by searching the Internet for Houston based commercial printers.

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