Healthy Winter Food Ideas For Family Caregivers


Find links, resources and inspiration for healthy winter food ideas to create for your family as a family caregiver.

Currently in the UK, unpaid carers provide care worth nearly £60 billion pounds. If you are a family caregiver, then there is no doubt you aren’t surprised at that figure. The position of caregiving is incredibly challenging, and life-changing, and you’re completely aware of its value both financially and emotionally every single day that you provide care to your loved one.

It isn’t easy, and in winter it can be especially challenging because it is cold, wet and generally more difficult to do lots of day to day tasks.

To help your caregiving become a little more streamlined, and a little less difficult, we have some great healthy winter food ideas for you to quickly and easily make healthy winter food for the loved one your care for, and the rest of your family:


Although smoothies might seem like a really boring idea, it is a really great way to get some fruits and veggies into everybody, along with the essential vitamins and minerals they provide. A smoothie alongside breakfast can provide essential immune boosting vitamins like vitamin C, along with hydrating fluids and energy boosting natural sugars. Take a look at these great healthy smoothie recipes from BBC Good Food for inspiration.


Soups are basically hot smoothies, providing the vitamins and minerals you need from vegetables, blended together. They are excellent for the elderly as they don’t require any chewing, are packed full of vitamins and goodness, and they are warming which is important for the colder months. They also help you save time as you can make a huge batch and eat it throughout the week, or freeze it and defrost it as you want it. You can find some great soup recipes on All Recipes.

Slow Cooker Meals

Slow cookers are having a bit of a resurgence in popularity because of the incredible convenience they provide. As a family caregiver, a slow cooker could well be your best friend! You can cook stews in them, soups and even cakes if you want to! They are ideal as you just put the ingredients in and then whilst you’re going about your day, a delicious hot meal is being cooked for you. You can find some great winter slow cooker recipes on Eating Well.

One Pot Hot Meals

One pot meals are excellent if you want a quick meal that doesn’t require the use of several different types of pots, pans and kitchen accessories. All that cleaning can take up precious time that you need to be spending elsewhere. Take a look at BBC Good Food healthy one pot meal ideas for more inspiration.

Winter Salads

Winter salads are the ideal way to freshen up the colder months, packing in vitamins, minerals and vital nutrition for the whole family. Winter salads can be just as hearty as any other meal, but they are a lot healthier, and you can can be as experimental as you like! Even better, you could grow some of the ingredients with the loved one you care for as a project to give them enrichment and fulfillment in growing their own ingredients. Take a look at Jamie Olivers winter salad recipes for inspiration.=

If you need more help and inspiration with healthy winter food ideas as a family caregiver, Caregiver Space has lots of great ideas for family caregiver cooking.

If you are interested in having somebody help with the cooking, or in caring for your loved one whilst you cook and run the house, then you might want to look into live-in care. Live-in care can be incredibly helpful when you are caring for a relative, and can be as comprehensive or specific as you need. Take a look at Live-in Care Hub for more information.