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Secondary Air Systems and Maintenance

Secondary air injection is also known in other terms as air injection This is a technique of making sure that gases are fully combusted by injecting air from outside into a vehicle’s exhaust stream. The full combustion of engine gases brings about efficiency by generating more engine power.

The mode of air injection usually determines the mechanism by which emission of the exhaust gas can be manipulated. The point of air injection into the exhaust system is factored in as a determinant of the mechanism of exhaust emissions to be used. When air injection systems were first introduced, they would inject air directly into the engine or directly into the exhaust pipes.

These initial systems introduced oxygen gas that would help in the full combustion of unburned or slightly burned fuel. The aim of introducing these systems was to ensure that fuel was completely burned. Sophistication saw to it that there were fewer exhaustions of incompletely combusted fuel and gases from vehicles. Air injection made it possible to conserve fuel in engines hence causing engine efficiency.

Installation and application of systems that introduce fresh air to engines varies in two forms. For instance we have injection systems that use a pump in their operation. The pump is usually connected to the engine by using a belt which turns it or it could have an electric motor. Air is injected to the emgine’s injection points and this is done by an adequate amount of pressure from the air pump. This method also involves the use of valves which stop the waste gas from the engine from flowing back to the air injection system thereby causing a damage to the pump.

The second method is whereby negative pressure built by the engine is used to cause air injection into the engine by allowing the engine to suck in air through designed ports. This involves the introduction of secondary air by taking advantage of the engine suction due to the negative pressure it creates during idling. The air injection strategy was employed by a famous vehicle producer and it has been effective.

The exhaust of dangerous gases generated by vehicle engines has been made minimal by the introduction and advancement of air injection systems. This has enabled a safer environment for both people, animals and plants. Fuel that was earlier exhausted before complete combustion is now being fully combusted thereby reducing fuel consumption.

For better operating and results, these systems need to be monitored in several occasions and repaired if need be. In the case of stalling or ineffeciency, simple maintenance can be done or repair or change of certain components done depending on the level of trouble. We have stores that major in vehicle repair and they are equipped to mend and preserve your car’s air injection system.

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